So I'm lying in bed as I often am at 3am. Allowing my mind to wander down rabbit wholes, because the possibility of sleep has long since evaporated along with optimism, self confidence, and a general desire to do something productive, if I can't even do the basic human function of sleeping. I hear this... Continue Reading →


Frozen in a Bookshop

I spend a lot of time in bookshops. Either destroying my budget and buying "one" book, which means at least five but can mean 20 or obsessively marking down the title and author of 97 new books that I definitely need. So it wasn't anything out of the ordinary that, the other day, I found... Continue Reading →

Fairies stole my motivation

This is the first post and therefore it has no other purpose than to try and get me to post more. It is stupid and not representative of me at all. I'm probably lying. You'll have to read more posts to find out.

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