Uganda Stage One: The Getting There Alive Part

A few months ago I made the decision to spend a horrific amount of money and go on an adventure. I would be going to Uganda as part of my university course. A trip like this can be made or destroyed by the people you go with. I could have spent a horrific amount of... Continue Reading →


"It's not an adventure if nothing goes wrong" - Me. (2017) And probably some other people


I know I haven't posted in a while. That was partly because I had nothing much to say. I went to work. I cooked and ate food that didn't poisson me. I read some good books and spoke with good people and got annoyed at others. Normal life living, and not particularly blog worthy. It... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Books

This was originally just a throwaway ramble. Something to fill the void of silence that has passed me by. Nothing more than an extension of one of those half-thought-out quandaries that can surface at 4 am or during an alcohol-induced floor chat with someone who is insane as you are. (I assume they're insane because... Continue Reading →

Fairies stole my motivation

This is the first post and therefore it has no other purpose than to try and get me to post more. It is stupid and not representative of me at all. I'm probably lying. You'll have to read more posts to find out.

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