It’s alive: Made of snakes and creates gerbils

Self-deprecation is an art form. It’s purpose is to ensure that you stay modest and humble, which is easier to do when you lack an ego to begin with. Siblings also make the process easier as they are often all too happy to point out all aspects of your person in an imaginative and varied way.

If you know your Greek mythology you’ll know that Medusa was a hideous gorgon who had the ability to turn the living to stone and depicted as having snakes for hair. I think it’s the perceived aliveness of my hair that lead to the likeness being brought to my attention my brother many years ago. (Is alivness even a word? oh well, it is now.) Such a likening was stored in the deep recesses of my brain, untill I saw something…

Long hair sheds. You know about it. It is an ever present entity that follows you in the form of blocked plugs in the shower and discovering it everywhere. To prevent the impeding doom of blocked drainage the offending hair is layed out to one side. It’s alive. Or looks alive. Well it look dead, but like and alive that is now a dead. It looks like a drowned gerbil. And the sign of the shower gerbil made my mind arch back to Medusa. It got me thinking about why making fun of ourselves is a useful thing to be able to do, for one thing you don’t offend anyone except yourself but it also takes away or at least lessens the hurt that others can cause you if you are already away that certain aspects of yourself are weird or amusing. Such things also keep you from becoming arrogant and instead allow you to be confident in your own, slightly flawed, skin.

Fairies are still in possession of my motivation, as a result this post took me far too long to compose. But I have a net and a sword (because if you’re fairy hunting you need a sword.) So I will actually post something of substances and insight and finesse soon…maybe…one day. I’ll post something.

In the meantime I wish you well. Have a good day and have a great life.


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