It’s not paranoia if its true.

I am an android user. I’ll give you a minute to scoff or mentally set this blog on fire. Yes this will be a post about something as frivolous as a mobile phone. Then again it might be argued that they have become a necessity in this day and age.

I digress. (I’ll leave the various pros, cons and ethics of technology to another post.) Sometimes said mobil listens to me. No, I don’t meant that it actually works and fulfills its purpose and achieving happiness in its existence. I mean it actually listens. It will randomly open it’s self and tell me “I’m listening!” Now the rationale of you will say that it’s the phone audeo input getting confused and that it now thinks I’m talking to it, because now it’s apparently not insane to talk to inanimate objects. I think it has a sadistic joy in freaking me out. To just turn its self on and remind me that it is there and listening to me. Thank you phone. Thank you so much for this wisdom I’m so much happier now.

Maybe it just wants to remind me that it knows my internet history and saw me looking at other phones. Well let me tell you acting as though you’re possessed is not the way to persuade me to keep you!

As always have a nice day and have a great life. If I’m not killed by my phone I shall endeavour to post something of more substance next time.


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